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sending text to 1.5" SPI display

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Hello from Canada! I'm new to the forum but I've been learning arduino stuff from the youtube channel for a while.

I've purchased an SPI display (which does not appear to be switchable to IIC. There's an I2C option on the same listing and i selected SPI by mistake) and I'm having trouble weeding out which part of the code allows me to send text. I want to display IMU data from an MPU6050. Here's where I am so far:

- The display is a waveshare 1.5" 128x128 monochrome display.
- I am able to get the demo code (The one which works is the "OLED_1in5_b.ino" from their online datasheet resources) so I know everything is functional.


Arduino resources page for the 1.5" display

After reading through the library files and attempting to sort of reverse-engineer (probably a bit of a strong term for what I'm actually doing but nonetheless) the code, I haven't been able to really undertand how to do so. With IIC it was pretty simple. A few display commands and you're on your way.

I have some 128 X 32 displays which run I2C just fine but since the IMU data is going to be 6 degrees of freedom, I think the extra real-estate of 128x128 is going to be necessary otherwise the data will just be too cluttered. I could also try multiplexing the i2c displays but at this point it's more about figuring out how to use this display rather than it go to waste in the parts bin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I can figure out how to send text to the display I can move on to figuring out how to pass the IMU serial data over to it. The broad scope of the project is to use the IMU data in communication with servos and proportional integral derivative to make legs balance. (bipedal humanoid robot project).