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Skull moving jaw, head tilt and turn left & right

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Hi its James I am trying to build a skull animatronics I have 3 servos controlling the movement, two standard servos head tilts forwards and backwards movement the second standard servo turns the head left and right , the third micro metal geared servo, moves the jaw.

What's the best way to move the jaw servo with sound wave or mic?

I've been told a red sparkfun arduino type board would work.

I have arduino board uno

I have my servo motors running of the pi pico board .

Which controls the head tilt and all movement with servos 

My question is what's the  best way to move the jaw with sound wave or microphone to do this?

Where do I  find the code? 

what would be the best microcontroller board to use?

I've had suggestions to use redsparkfun board arduino type. 

 If so what other parts do I need. Like mic breaks outboard etc.

Thank for any help 



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@videogame95  I answered this earlier, see post

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