Report a Problem

Errors when using the Forum

There have been reports of the forum producing error messages, usually during page loads. These are often intermittent issues that are difficult to reproduce for troubleshooting, so the more information we can gather, the better chance of resolving the problem.

Often these errors can be resolved by using Firefox, instead of a chrome-engine browser like Chrome or MS Edge. We are aware of an issue with chrome-based browsers that can cause some pages to display in mobile mode when accessed on a desktop.

The forum also employs a security system than can occasionally experience a false trigger, resulting in access being denied. This issue can be resolved by forum administrators (we would need to know your IP address for this).

Please include as many details as possible, including:

  • URL of the page in error or title of post/page
  • Wording of error message (if it is the White Screen Of Death you can just write “WSOD”)
  • Web browser you are using (i.e. Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Edge, Safari)
  • Platform you use (i.e. Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, IoS)
  • Your IP Address (if you know it, it helps as connections are all logged)
  • Date and Time (please include Time Zone or report in UTC)
  • Your approximate location (the servers are in Toronto, Canada)
  • Anything else you feel is useful (i.e. you are on a proxy server)

Please provide as many details as possible. This will assist us in resolving the error. We appreciate your report, thank you!