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Sorry to bother you, just thought that you could help me out on future projects if you were and the way you replied about the video I thought you were, again sorry. 

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Nothing to be sorry about.  You stated you wished you had the code so I tried to type it from the video.

Videos like that seem pointless. More of "aren't we clever" rather than something to share.

You could figure out the circuit  by stopping the video at intervals but that would also take some time.


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I have a project

My niece finally saw Star Wars for the first time, and she thinks R2D2 is "cuite", so I decided to build one for her

Not full size, she's in college, so she doesn't have the room for that sort of thing. It's gotta fit on her desk

It's gonna be about 7inches tall. Work is going sorta well-ish

Every part I design and build seems to require redesigning the part it's connected to, so it's taking longer than I expected

I thought the head was a pain

And then the silver filament seems to be more abrasive than advertised, so it kept clogging the nozzle

I did NOT know that R2's head was silver, and not white. And I saw this movie in 77, and I didn't notice

Anybody else notice that R2's head was silver ?

And the blue things in R2's head ?

I made 3 of them. What a pain. I may just paint the rest

But it's my niece, so I want it to be cool

The head is mostly done, sorta, working on the feet now, which are mostly done

The body...Scares me. It's gonna require 3D talent that I just dont have

I'll do it anyway. It's my niece, I have to make it cool

I thought I could do this in an afternoon, but, realistically, it's gonna take a year

Yea, the wheels still need actual wheels, I got it covered

It's gonna be slow. Best I could find was 70rpm

Hopefully, it won't drive off her desk

I sliced the top of his head off and added the crown thingy

Fits perfectly

It's got 2 laser emitters, but I can't find a lens that shows a pic of princess leia

Best I can do is a star show on the ceiling... Ah well

I have an ankle to build


BTW hi



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@spyder Sounds like you will be busy for a while, good thing she doesn't graduate for a few years. Welcome to the forum.

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Wow, your niece was very late to the party 🙂

You may be able to save R2 from dropping off the desk (going forwards) by putting an infrared proximity sensor near the front of the body or (better) at the bottom of the front wheel housing. As long as it gets a return signal then there's probably more desk in front of it so you can proceed forward.

When it no longer gets a return, you've probably approached the edge of the desk and it's looking down at the floor (or a chair seat) so you can do R2's panic whistle and back up an inch before stopping.

Your 3d work looks very good ! Don't panic about the body because you may be better off printing it in sections so that you can get back in later to replace tired batteries or make upgrades. Make it with a T slot on one side of the part and a T groove on the other so you can unscrew the base plate and slide the sections off. 

Keep up the good work.

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Posted by: @spyder

Anybody else notice that R2's head was silver ?

Yep I noticed.  I must have watched Star Wars a dozen time by now.

Judging from the bottle of Testors paint on your bench this R2D2 is going to be small.


I’ve been thinking about your Dr Who K9 robot and hoping that you might re-surface and give an update.  Does it follow you around your workplace and bark when someone gets too close to the toolbox?



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