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Powering an Arduino Nano and 6 Volt DC motor from the same power supply

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Hi all,

I know that one should never drive a motor using the same power supply as that used by the Arduino, but I was wondering whether using a diode across the Arduino's power input would eliminate the damaging noise generated by the motor and thus allow you to power the Arduino and the motor from the same power supply?


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The diode is a good idea for suppressing the back-EMF, but it won't suppress the motor noise. A capacitor (around 100nf) across the motor leads may get rid of some of the noise.

Are you using a 6-volt supply for the motor, or are you using a higher voltage to account for some loss in your motor driver?  One thought, if you're using at least 7 volts, is to use a voltage regulator to deliver 5-volts to the Nano and use the "raw" voltage to drive the motor. The regulator, and its associated filter capacitors, should eliminate any motor noise or voltage spikes.

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I am using two 18650s which supply 2 * 3.7 Volts, which means that taking the voltage drop from the motor driver into account will leave plenty to drive the motor.

The voltage regulator is a good idea. I think I will take that approach. It would solve the problem quite neatly.

Thanks for the welcome and the advice.