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automatic watering system

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I wasn't sure if this post was appropriate or which forum section to put it in. I just found it interesting and I have an automatic watering system on my list of projects to do.

I noticed some people here are interested in automating their watering system. I have a manual setup at the moment, moving a hose about, and thought about using solenoid taps and automating the watering all controlled from my iPhone. In the latest Silicon chip there is an example using a Raspberry Pi Pico W.

It uses the MMBasic interpreter which I guess would be a put off for most people hooked on Python or C++. I often use FreeBASIC as it is fast and easy for me to read and write but also because I can translate it to C++ code fairly easily using a subset of C++ keywords. I see no reason why a Python or C++ version couldn't be used instead with the hardware.
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