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Hey everyone! 

My name is Ron and I'm fairly new to the micro-controller world.  I've dabbled in some code and really liked it, but I'm definitely a "Newbie".  I started my hobby of 3D printing about 4 years ago.  As soon as I did, I developed a love for designing and CAD work and my hobby grew even more.  Last year, I discovered the Arduino (A friend at work told me about it).  These little devices are an excellent addition to my hobbies!!!  This year, I actually started designing projects.  I would see a need for something (an alert, the need to make something move when something happened, etc.), get out my micro-controllers and make my project "come to life".  I could then design containers for the various electronic parts and print them out with my 3D printer.  I seem to come up with more project ideas way faster than I can complete one.  LOL!  I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can as quick as I can.

This is actually the first forum that I've joined.  I found it looking for an answer to an issue I had in one of my projects.  While reading some of the posts, I noticed that most of the people responding, trying to assist, where just really nice people in general.   I've been to a lot of forums where the people helping are rude, demeaning, and act like "everyone should know this stuff".  Not here!  At least not the posts I read.  I figured that I will probably run into a lot more issues trying to educate myself in this world, so I decided that this would be the forum to join.  I'm looking forward to "picking you brain" from time to time.

Thank you for allowing me into your world.


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Welcome aboard! Most of us help when we can.