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Hello everyone, glad to be here!

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Hello All,

My name is Tim. I also go by the online handle primalbits (or primalbits). Why "primalbits" you ask? Well, I thought the name would capture my lifelong interest in computers and electronics. I love retro/vintage computer hardware, radio and audio equipment! I see things that other people view as obsolete and say to myself "I've got to have that!"

That is not where my technological interests end though. Since getting into 3D printing (mechanical Play-doh) and Arduino (digital Play-doh), I've begun to make the bots, droids, and gadgets I only dreamed of being able to make a few decades ago. As I've been tinkering with all of this, I've always wished I had a group to share my interests with. There is not much going on in my local area, so this has been mostly a solitary hobby.

But hey, it is the internet age (the post-internet age maybe?) so I thought I would try to connect with a group of people with similar interests. I look forward to sharing what I'm doing, and learning from all of you and your projects. 

My current project is creating a full-sized D-0 droid from Star Wars. I like the project because of the mix of 3-D print, Arduino, radio control, and Star Wars (yup, I'm that nerdy and proud of it) that are required to complete it. The design is the one from Michael Baddeley. I've even gone so far on this project as to document it on a vlog (yup, YouTube). I know it will seem strange to many of you, but I find the whole YouTube thing terrifying, and laborious. However, it does seem like one of the best ways to share what I'm doing.

That's a little about me, and I look forward to interacting with you all.


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