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Hello all. I've been visiting dronebotworkshop for a while now, and I have to say, this is one of my favorite go-to channels. Lot's of interesting topics and help. I don't see too much on VScode, do see PlatformIO, but would like more information on, not just installing and setting up  VScode, but practical use with C/C++. I realize PlatformIO is an excellent extension, but VScode has much less beginners help espacially where the json file are considered. Specifically, the use of VSCode with Arduino (RPI Pico 2040) and ESP32.


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@studentoftheuniverse I don't use those as they are overkill for the little scripts 99.999% of us create. I am not sure why you talk about vscode and as separate things, the little I have played with it I see it as all one thing. If you say you can use them separately, I won't doubt it but I have never seen it presented that way. There are very few users here that I have noticed, but hopefully one of them will pipe up. I assume you have seen/read Bill's (@dronebot-workshop) video/article on this already.

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