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New IOT enthusiast from Oz.

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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to introduce myself.  While I am not an engineer,  I enjoy exposure and experimentation with new technologies.

My interest in this space began way back in the early 90's at the University of Texas at Austin where I was studying Management Information Systems. I lived through the early years of the commercial internet (Compuserve, AOL), had to write and compile my Cobol assignments while connected to a PC server using dial-up modems, etc. 

I have in that grey space between business and IT for most of my career accross 5 different continents. I now work as a business analyst supporting digital transformation projects at large companies in Australia.

My exposure and curiosity about the Internet of Things began about a decade ago when I began using Google Home and Home Automation.  Limited choice and pricing of sensors and accessories for Google Home led me to experiment with Zigbee.  My desire for interoprarability led me to the Home Assistant open source server. 

Realising that machine learning and AI were the next 'big thing', I went back to Uni a few years ago to learn how to apply machine learning and AI in a business anlaytics context.  One of my professors invited me to participate in an Nvidia hands on practical course about the fundamentals of deep learning for computer vision; and out of that experience came my desire to learn more about the intergration of machine learning and the internet of things.  That led me to start experimenting with arduino, and that led me to Bill's absolutely fantastic videos and this forum.

I am very much a beginner in this space, so I look forward to learning a lot from everyone's experience. 


You can learn more about me here: