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KiCad, Fritzing, both, neither, or something else.

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With over 40 Forums, from which to pick, I have to guess that this would be the one for this topic?

I've done a search for related posts, but they seem to be a little old and I know that both KiCad and Fritzing have moved on, since said posts were made.

So, I've tried both of the mentioned sims, albeit in a very limited way. Each, I found, have pros and cons, but I turn to you, as experienced users, as to what your thoughts are on these (and maybe other) sims.

Thank you.

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I much prefer KiCad as it does so much more.  Frirtzing, to me, just give you a graphic representation of your hook-ups.  But Friitzing is great for doing that.  I've had multiple boards make from my KiCad projects.


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Those are both TOOLS, so the tools sub-forum is where to post questions about them.

I can't make heads or tails out of those things.

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