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Can you identify an 8X8 LED matrix model  

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I started a project using, what I thought, were a pair of similar 8x8 LED matrix arrays.  I wrote the code after manually testing with one of them. Turns out the pin assignments did not match! 

So I spent some time looking at each array.. they both have the same number DG-D03883, but then non-identical numbers after.  I found the parts listing that came with my first Arduino kit and it listed the array as 1588BS.  Turns out that's not the one I tested with.

What could have been a few hours of coding and testing turned into 2 days of "what the". 🤔 

Great learning experience, but in the end I need to order 5 more of these.

Do I have to test each one to identify PIN assignments?

As always, help is appreciated.


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