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Dynamic mower blade balancer

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can an Arduino be used to safely and dynamically balance a lawn mower blade? Given the availability of MEMS 6-axis motion processing units (MPU), such as the Invensense 6050, could we control the direction and speed of a motor attached to a lawn mower blade in order to determine where and how much mass to take off so as to balance the blade? 
could the motor’s speed be kept low while doing the balance in order to keep the process relatively safe?

Mark Moore

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I'm assuming the blade is removable from the mower.  Otherwise... no... it's not possible.

Simply taking it off the mower and putting it on a fulcrum and grinding off the low hanging end till it balances level will accomplish what you want without all the electronic gee-gads... and I'm the biggest fan for electronic gee-gads!  🤣 

I've used this technique many times with ceiling fans to get completely balanced fans... at all speeds.  

Me... I don't worry about it on my 66", zero turn mower (w/ 3 blades) because the first time you cut wet grass or bang a rock/limb, it'll get out of balance simply because some clod will weigh one end or another more.  But, balancing does help... for a while.

Good luck.  

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@inq you make a good point.

l’ve never been completely satisfied with the static balance though. I honestly can never tell the difference between the “before” and “after” balances! I just assume I “done good“!

I’d like to see some sort of visual proof that my blade is at least some what balanced or at the very least better than it was before I attacked it with file and grinder!

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Balancing a blade using a motion sensor does sound intriguing, however I could never make such a video as I don't own a lawnmower!



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