Wire strippers  


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2019-10-08 10:28 am  

This arrived yesterday and I would give it 4-star approval.

IMG 4225

1. Price €13 (available on Amazon)

2. Not made in China

3. 24 - 10 AWG range for the hobbyist/maker is just fine

4. Despite what the guy with the Swiss Accent says, with a little bit of care you can strip AWG 25 wire.

I know that Knippex is top of the range, but the €50 difference to the Jokari, is it worth it? I will pop the €50 in my piggy bank for the 3D printer instead!

For household wiring, I would still use my heavier duty wire stripper which has served me well even while doing wiring on my boat.

IMG 4227



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