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2019-08-10 10:08 am  

I know that some purists will criticise this, and I am usually of the same opinion that you get what you pay for and that cheap tools are generally like fool's gold. But as these Torx screwdrivers will only come out of the box on rare occasions, so I couldn't resist this set for an astonishing €14.00 on eBay, bought locally in Germany and free delivery.

IMG 4208

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2019-08-11 3:37 am  

Free delivery has gotta be worth a couple of dollars

Or Euros (whatever those are) 😉

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2019-08-13 9:04 pm  

That's a nice looking set of drivers!

My "bargain of the week" was an error from Amazon. I had ordered two Arduino Mega prototyping shields and they sent two antistatic packages that at first glance looked identical. But then when I took a closer look I saw that one of them was actually a package with three Arduino Nanos in it!

As the Nano 3-pack retails for about twice the price of the prototyping shield I didn't complain to Amazon. Besides, I figure they owe me - so far in 2019 I have made over 60 orders and it's only the middle of August!

So I happily filed away the new Nanos in my parts drawer and ordered another prototyping shield.



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