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Soldering stations for beginners?  

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Posted by: @yurkshirelad

I don't have room on my table (no bench for me!) for a soldering iron, but I thought I would ask anyway. It might be a useful question for any other beginners who reside these forums.

What is a good, reasonably cheap soldering station for a beginner?

For example, I watched some reviews and the KSGER T12 soldering station got decent reviews, but it also got many comments that it needed some modifications, to offset poor build quality. Its price isn't too bad, but I wouldn't want something that I would need to "fix" to use.

P.S. I share the dining room table with my wife's home office. That's why I have no space for any more kit. 😀 


Is the table sharing 50%-50%, or is it the customary 10%-90%?


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20/80 😀 though we've since bought a new table.

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