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Rpi-KVM over IP  

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Yea. Did that get anybody's attention ?

We're not talkin' VNC here

This gets you FULL CONTROL... Right down the THE BIOS

Here's the website, with instructions (that I'm failing to understand)

And here's a vid on it that also fails to explain my question

I just happen to have an HDMI-USB on hand for another project (ripping home movies from VHS... golly, what fun) so I was going to use that to test out this project, but, I'm kinda confused about the need to disconnect the power line from the USB

The thing was designed to be plugged into a powered HDMI output, so why should I disconnect the power from it ?

The other thing that's not explicitly described in either the vid or the article, is, I'm just going to plug in the HDMI output from the slave computer directly into the HDMI-USB dongle thingy (thru one of those home made power-remover USB things I made for another project that I keep finding a need for) to the *specified USB port on the Pi

Have I got that right ?

(Yes. Specified. The software is written to bind to only a single USB2.0 port, which begs another question... My HDMI-USB dongle is 3.0... The article wants it connected to a 2.0 port, will it still work ? I think so, the 2 data lines are still in the same place)

Cuz, to me, removing the power doesn't make any sense... unless the HDMI-USB dongle thingy somehow sucks power from the HDMI of the slave computer, then it would sorta make sense, but, again, the dongle was made specifically to DO that, why would I need to disconnect the power ?

I'm confused...


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