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Hi from Wales!

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Hi all,

Dave from Wales, UK here. Incredibly happily married, with three children.
My job is distinctive enough that sharing would remove my current pseudo-anonymity. I've nothing to hide, just my preference!

I thought I'd join as I like Bill's video style, and felt I'd be amongst kindred spirits at a similar skill level on this forum i.e. I'd be able to offer advice as well as just using it as a Google alternative.

I have a background in chemistry and physics, and have always been practical/technical.
I have a heavy focus on computer hardware and networking, having solely used linux at home since 2006 (though it's a more effective means-to-an-end for me rather than a religion like some).
Got heavily into 3D printing a couple of years back, and took electronics back up and started dabbling with coding a year ago. Predominantly Python, but that's only because I've not worked out C/C++ yet...
I have a small Home Assistant set up, but it's mainly monitoring with the odd bit of automation.

I'd like to improve my electronics and coding skills, and welcome pragmatic solutions to personal projects I might post about.

ron bentley
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Welcome Dave, your skills will, I am sure, be in demand.


Ron B

(Stafford, UK)

Ron Bentley
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