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Hi everyone. This is Tony from Sweden trying to write my introduction

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Hello and greeting to you all. As I said earlier in this post, my name is Tony and I live in a small town in northern Sweden. I've been interested in electronics all my life but have never gotten around to really learning about it in depth. I love to invent stuff or build smart things other people have invented and posted online. 

Things I've built include an air-to-air heat exchanger using a bunch of empty aluminium (aluminum) beer cans to stuff like a gadget to retrieve a fishing lure stuck at the bottom of a lake. Most of my life I worked in the IT-sector. But since Covid, I've been working as a freelance trivia quiz producer for a couple of radio channels. I tend to become a bit impatient when things don't work as intended. So I'm super impressed by people like Bill and others who always seem to be cool, calm, methodical and collected, even if it takes them five times or more before they are successfully able to insert some USB thingy into the back of a computer, with no line of sight at all. Unfortunately, I tend to react more like Bill Burr as he describes it in "Bill Burr - Losing your sh*t". 

I hope to be able to learn new stuff from other members in this forum. And maybe I will be able to help some of you with something weird or odd? My knowledge of strange stuff could come in handy somehow - maybe?

Like how you can check if your ordinary IR Remote control is working by filming it on your phone in a dark room while pressing a few buttons. The camera on your phone turns the IR light visible to the naked eye on your camera screen. 

Sincerely, Tony "Apeshaft" Nordin.

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@apeshaft Welcome. Interesting comment re IR, but what I do is load up some code and print out the actual IR codes being transmitted.

Arduino says and I agree, in general, the const keyword is preferred for defining constants and should be used instead of #define
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