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Hello All.  It's an honor and a privilege to be among you like-thinking folks. I've been a hacker my entire life starting at a very early age.  This led to my career in engineering. Electronics, computing and robotics are my top three interests, among so many others.  My first robot included working with several microcontrollers to include the Zilog Encore, and a few ATMega8 (long before it evolved into Arduino)  as well as programming a Sony Clie to act as a controller via RS-232.  It was an awesome adventure bringing that to fruition.  Alas, my career took me in a different direction focusing on computer clusters.  But, my yearning to build electronic projects and tinker with various new microcontrollers has never waned.  

I'm hopeful I can get inspiration from this group to re-engage in my electronics/robotics hobby as well as to share any knowledge some of you may find useful.

Glad to be here.


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@tongineer Welcome. It sounds like you have a good grasp of many of the things we are doing here.

First computer 1959. Retired from my own computer company 2004.
Hardware - Expert in 1401, and 360, fairly knowledge in PC plus numerous MPU's and MCU's
Major Languages - Machine language, 360 Macro Assembler, Intel Assembler, PL/I and PL1, Pascal, Basic, C plus numerous job control and scripting languages.
Sure you can learn to be a programmer, it will take the same amount of time for me to learn to be a Doctor.