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Hello my name is Thomas

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Hello and thanks for joining the community!

My name is Thomas I work, born and raised in Sweden! I work as a Tool Design Engineer ware I design assembly and fixtures for CNC machines. I have earlier worked as a CAM programmer using NX. To day I use NX to design tools but in my earlier work I used Catia V5. I have started designing a CNC router (for fun) but plan is to mill wood composite forms to do composite parts as a long run (for fun). 
If interested to know more just ask!

What I need to learn is the electronics and programming the stepper motors. I also need help to get the right stuff in the jungle of parts to buy!
looking forward to interacting!

Sorry for my bad English not my native tongue!

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@tm-comp Welcome to the forum. Your project sounds interesting. Learning steppers and especially programming is a lot like learning to be a Tool Design Engineer. Maybe start with some basic courses on electronics, then learn about how to control one stepper. After your studies, ask some specific questions in the appropriate forum/sub-forum.

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Welcome to the forum Thomas.  I'd be very interested in hearing as you progress through designing and building a CNC router and there is plenty of available help with electronics and programming here.

However, I've been here about two years and I haven't seen anyone doing a 3D printer or CNC design.  Unfortunately the search engine on the forum doesn't work and using Google's search targeted at the site is way less than workable.  

You may not know it, but 3D Printers started out using Arduino Mega boards and may be what you're thinking is a good starting point and what lead you to this forum.  However, they have moved-on from there.  

I received a notice that I think is another new post of yours, "Need help choose linear rails and electronic equipments".   If this is also yours, I can't find it on the forum, to reply.  I use stepper motors in many of my projects and can help you on those topics... 

But, I think you might consider a different forum.  Here is one I use that is dedicated to people designing and building 3D printers, Engravers and even CNC machines.  I'm sure that forum would have many people who have actually done what you want to achieve and be able to help you out with direct, actual experience.  They have a full cross-referenced Wiki section.


Good luck with your project and do share your progress here. 



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