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A guy with many hats over the many (70) years. I have no formal educational qualifications as I hated school and was glad to get out of it as soon as I could. I did have the obligatory chemistry and electronics sets when I was 12 so I have to say that I was keen on learning stuff - just not boring stuff.

I became self-employed as a photographer when I was 20. After a few years of this I worked for the government for a time before taking an interest in computers and eventually becoming self-employed in that field. I've always enjoyed helping people into new technology and I basically did that for 30 years before retiring in 2019. 

My other hobbies/sports have been fishing, skiing, fencing, flying (both powered flight and gliders), pistol shooting and most recently golf. 

I would say that golf and computing have been my most enduring pastimes and I think that is because they both appeal to my 'problem solving' nature. This is probably also the case with my electronics dabbling (although I admit that I am lost with much of it).  I did manage to build an Arduino based alarm that growls when someone approaches my front door and barks if they come to the back door. However I cannot say that I wrote the code myself - I borrowed it and experimented with modifications until I got what I wanted. 

I recently sold my Toyota Landcruiser and got into e-scooting as a means to transport myself to and from golf each day. One project I'm working on is to incorporate turn signals into my jacket or perhaps backpack. 

I have many questions and will no doubt plague the members here with some of them.. 

Cheers from an older 'noobie' 😉 

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Welcome to the forum @greggatshack... You will find there are quite a few of us "old guys" on this forum, and with varying degrees of experience and skill sets, so you should feel right at home. As far as plaguing us with questions.. that's what we're all about..helping others to enjoy the world of electronics, and having fun doing it!