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Clearly written instructions  

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I completely understand that certain details might get lost during a translation from Chinese into English, but, there are some topics that simply demand that they be written in such a way that a normal person should be able to, if not slightly understand them, at least be succinct enough that burning your house down when following said instructions would not be an acceptable outcome

When I got to this page on the instruction manual that I was merely giving a passing interest in while basically completely ignoring, I came upon this page that describes the electrical connections of a heating element on a 3D printer


After seeing this, I'm sure you can imagine why my interest in this document only garnered the briefest of glances

I was never one for following directions anyway. Reading the manual was typically a last resort

I expect the rest of my night should be absolutely filled with mirth and laughter...

And very little printing


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For some things this makes perfect sense. You could preface many sentences with, "There is no need to separate...". Like, cows and sheep, meat and potatoes, work and pleasure. But, positive and negative is not one of those things. I cannot imagine what these instructions are trying to convey. Perhaps polarity? As a general rule of electricity, don't get them mixed up ~(;-)  

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I expect the author of "no need to separate" meant that the 2 wires could be run side by side and would not need separation to prevent crosstalk.  

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I suspect the correct translation is: there is no need to "distinguish" + from - when connecting the two heaters.

This makes sense. The bed heater and extruder heating elements are electrically just resistors. Polarity doesn't matter there.

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