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Extremely Basic Question: Sorry!  

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Hi All, fairly new to circuit building and based on a previous comment it was suggested I power my WS2812 LEDs independently of the micro controller. I set up the following on Tinkercad and it functions through their simulator. I just wanted to check that I’ve understood this correctly with the independent voltage lines to the LEDs and controller, or if I’ve overthought it:


It’s just a basic circuit to build a tripod mountable RGB lamp using a matrix of Neopixels. 




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@MarkVA Did you get your project working? You may have already figured out that you only need one converter. The idea is to power the LEDs independently because the microcontroller cannot supply enough current. Just make sure that the ground is common. I like this LED ring. It only requires one data line to control it. I also like that you are using an ATtinyX5 to run your project.  

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