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Projects with 2 voltage levels

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My previous post - i-fried-my-esp8266 - raised a couple of more general questions in my mind about using 5v components such as the HC SR04 proximity sensor.

First, is it sufficient to handle this stuff using voltage dividers or is it better to use a logic level converter such as the sparkfun BOB-12009?

And is it okay to just let the ESP's voltage regulator take care of a higher-than-3.3v power supply, or is it better to use something like this one that can supply both 3.3 and 5V? (And btw I don't know if it's okay to ask for opinions about vendors here, but I'm curious to know if RobotShop is okay. There's a dearth of electronics stores here in Ottawa.)

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I would use logic level translators or shifters or what ever the correct name is. You could use a 5 volt supply

for the raw input to the esp32 and the linear regulator should take care of it.

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