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Understanding electric circuits

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Posted by: @dazza

This is an OLD Topic, yet it seems to be the most relevant. In a recent decision someone asked how Electricity works and the old (and wrong) information was presented as facts. 

Electrical Engineers "Lump complicated mathematics and equations together" So we don't have to, and for our projects it's not necessary.

I wanted to Resurrect this topic, in order to expand my understanding.

The 'Recent' Veritasium Video (1 year old now) "How Electricity Works" was based on presentations by Circuit Board Designers

I wanted to Share a Video by the Reference from Veritasium in regard to How Electricity and Circuit Boards move Electricity. 

Rick Hartly - Circuit Board Design

Have you Wondered why Switching Power Supplies are Complicated? Watch the Rick Hartly Video and then Element 14's Video on a SPS


These are long videos and IF you have seen them, what other resources do you have to Show Me

Thank You

Fascinating video. Not sure that it makes much difference to me because I don't design boards I just use them. When it comes to using a digital computer it is all software, I don't design the hardware part. So all that amazing or advanced hardware engineering isn't something I need to know. I get the impression (not real understanding) that these hardware factors become important as the switching frequency increases?

If I want to drive an LED then I select a resistor to match the voltage and LED resistance so the resulting current will result in a certain LED brightness. If I want to turn the LED on and off at higher and higher frequencies then I guess there are other issues beyond ohms law to consider in terms of induction/capacitance and radiating electromagnetic waves?

I have never asked where is the energy. I always thought of "energy" as a description of a behaviour not as a "something" in matter or in anything at all.

This seems to be what you are alluding to?



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