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Platform IO Tips and Tricks  


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2019-06-24 2:15 am  

I think that last debugging video from Andreas Spiess has me sold on trying out Platform IO. Has anyone else made the switch from the Arduino IDE to this tool? Maybe we can share some tips here so that others can learn about how this tool can enhance their development. I use VSCode for a lot of my Node.JS programing and think I'll start testing it out for my electronics projects this week. Let ya know how it goes here! HAHAHA

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2019-06-24 2:47 am  

I've used it somewhat since it was just command line only.  I use it more for strait avr coding.

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2019-06-24 5:22 am  

I've been using platformio and VS Code for several weeks.  (The GUI, not the command-line core.)  So far, my only complaint is the clumsiness of changing boards.  I'm a software guy, and the code is primary.  Building for different Arduino boards should be trivial.  But platformio makes the board primary, and it seemed as if I had to make a second project just to work with Unos and Mega2560s.  But I learned that by having two sections in platformio.ini, one for the Uno and another for the Mega2560, I could use a single project.  But it's still silly to have to comment out one section or the other in platformio.ini.