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Arduino Nano Code Help

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Hallo everyone.

I am an electronics enthusiast and I am not good at coding,Can someone help me write code?


My Plan Introduction

I plan to make an oil reminder device in my spare time,It is installed inside the motorcycle dashboard,Obtaining signals from traditional mechanical odometers.

Further description,Using Arduino nano as motherboard,GC9A01 is used for displaying,The IR module is used to obtain data from traditional odometers,DS3231 is used for time display and time storage after power off,Two buttons, one for time setting and adjustment, and the other for oil reset and one-way odometer reset

I hope the content displayed in GC9A01 is as shown in the following figure

The oil life display is from 0 kilometers to 2000 kilometers

The 0 kilometer position is displayed in green, while the red display shows 1500-2000 kilometers

The one-way mileage display and oil display share the same button, which is KEY2,A single trigger of KEY2 can reset the one-way mileage display to zero, and holding down the KEY2 button for a long time can reset the oil display to zero,The mileage data and oil data are saved to NANO's EEPROM, which can be automatically stored after turning off the power and read from the EEPROM after the second startup


KEY1 button for digital clock adjustment,Press and hold KEY1 for a long time to activate the time adjustment program, and the digital clock will flash,Intermittently pressing KEY1 is used to adjust the minute setting, and the time display format is in a 12 hour format for easy adjustment,Automatically save settings after successful setup


The above is my plan and functional description. If you have any better ideas, please let me know. Thank you for your help









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An interesting project. So is the IR sensor giving you one pulse per revolution? And has it proven rugged enough to withstand the normal use of the motorcycle?

It's quite ingenious actually, I like it!



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@dronebot-workshop Thanks.Infrared sensor 140 pulses (mechanical turntable, 140 turns), odometer displays 1000 meters

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