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Unstable when using battery

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Hi @mikel, (& cc to Ron @zander)

Multiple supplies and/or voltage regulators are often needed with servos and motors in general, but it is easy to get confused about how to choose them and link them together. I am sorry if you are short of time, etc. and disappointed, but without a circuit diagram, trying to figure out what you actually have is more random than shooting in the dark, and only likely to cause more endless confusion and frustration.

I don't know if the newcomer forum rules allow you to paste in a diagram yet, but either way, if you make a few more postings, you should soon get full access - I don't know what the exact threshold count is .. maybe 5 or 6? ... it is not a vast quantity, so please keep in touch.

Best wishes, Dave

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@davee @mikel It's 10. I blame myself for this, I totally forgot the servo motor needs its own power supply. The OP was obviously powering both the motor and the logic with one power supply and I didn't catch that.

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