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That's cool too!  You actually learned something out of your experience and followed on with a vast warehouse of EE knowledge that we all pick your brain for now. 😎 Thank you!

Dad was a military pilot.  Although, he got an engineering degree from VA loans... he couldn't fly a desk.  😆  His words.  He went commercial by the mid '60s.  He had built all his stereo system with HeathKits while in the military and I remember the HeathKit TV being the last one he did.  I'm sure that commercial pilot salary had more to do with that stopping, but I remember it taking many months to build.  The build manual was dumbed down to anyone that could solder, could build it.  I was in charge of getting all the parts ready for the next step while he soldered the current step.  I also remember the color bar tuning he did (that you understand how and why).  I remember it being a colorful learning experience (visibly and vocabulary) but couldn't recite a thing learned beside resistor color codes.   





3 lines of code = InqPortal = Complete IoT, App, Web Server w/ GUI Admin Client, WiFi Manager, Drag & Drop File Manager, OTA, Performance Metrics, Web Socket Comms, Easy App API, All running on ESP8266...
Even usable on ESP-01S - Quickest Start Guide

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@inq Another advantage of LiFePO4 drop-in replacement Lithium car batteries is NO liquid, so we can save a wee bit of paper without having to print the do not drink warning.

First computer 1959. Retired from my own computer company 2004.
Hardware - Expert in 1401, and 360, fairly knowledge in PC plus numerous MPU's and MCU's
Major Languages - Machine language, 360 Macro Assembler, Intel Assembler, PL/I and PL1, Pascal, Basic, C plus numerous job control and scripting languages.
My personal scorecard is now 1 PC hardware fix (circa 1982), 1 open source fix (at age 82), and 2 zero day bugs in a major OS.

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