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Realtek AMB82 Mini IoT Camera Board

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Hi ,

I was impressed with the picture quality and other important features after watching this video.

Powerful Alternative to ESP32 CAM | Realtek AMB82-Mini IoT AI Camera Board - Getting Started

I would like to ask the DroneBot Workshop to make a video about this board and camera. I'm sure that the introduction style and detailed review would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.



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Very interesting board. I am confused though, by the statement that it is a 5MP camera, but the resolution is 1920 x 1080, which is 2MP. The other differences are physical size and unknown power consumption. Bluetooth 5.1 is an advancement, but the WiFi is only 'n'. The fact it has 5GHz is pointless since that high frequency is easily blocked, which for me and many other applications is useless. 

The cost is $35USD or about $50CDN so on the expensive side.

The bottom line is I will get one and have a look.

If you are looking at alternate cameras, be sure to check the Arducam lineup.

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Hi @roman47,

  Whilst I am not presently looking for such a board, I suspect others might be.

  But (FYI) the video is showing "This video is unavailable" message, at least for me, so I don't what it shows.


Ron is apparently correct about the camera sensor:

Quick Google reveals the short description for the sensor at :

which says:

JX-F37 Full HD CMOS Image Sensor.pdf

JX-F37 is a high performance 2.0MP CMOS image sensor designed and fabricated with SOI’s 2.7um pixel technology. It can deliver images at 30fps in full HD. The JX-F37 consists of a 1928 x 1088 active pixel sensor (APS) array with on-chip 10-bit ADC, programmable gain control (PGA), and correlated double sampling (CDS) to significantly reduce fixed pattern noise (FPN). The sensor also has many standard programmable and automatic functions. It has both the industry compliant DVP parallel and MIPI.

The link to the full sheet at the same address is password protected.

In its defence, I know 5GHz WiFi is often regarded as having less range, but my personal (very limited) experience is that it is more reliable. Of course, in different situations, 2.4GHz may work out better. I don't about this module, but if it had 2.4 and 5, then maybe having both gives you a better chance of avoiding issues.


Best wishes, Dave

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I believe that this is the missing video:

It does look impressive, and as there seems to be an interest I'll accept the suggestion. Now I just have to pick one up!



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Thank you, Bill.

As per the video, this camera has arguably very good sharpness and color. I wish the reviewer would show the hand motion (time stamp 13:31) from the camera along with the actual one to see an image lag.

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