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Pi Solar Camera - Astronomy with the Raspberry Pi

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Thanks for the pointers on getting the telescope aligned.  Maybe I'll be ready by the next eclipse! 😎 


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@codecage HaHa. If you are inclined to sell the solar scope, I am in the market.

I think I see why you may have been fooled re the Pi camera, the dust cap was screwed into the C spacer so firmly I thought the entire thing was the dust cap for a few seconds until I realized that could not be true. Now I have it in the 3 parts it should be in. I also got the C to Canon EF lens adapter so the Pi camera can be connected to all 3 of my Canon lenses. Now I will be checking out camera stores, pawn shops, yard sales etc to see if I can find some older FD style Canon lenses that are pretty much unusable today but I can get an adapter to connect the Pi HQ. Those older lenses were often great glass.

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@dronebot-workshop Hi Bill, Thank you for posting your 'first light' image of totality!

Plz let us know if you post more pix or links to your vids / sequences! 

I purchased most of the items that you mentioned in your Raspberry Project, but unfortunately, several items had shipping delays 🙁 but have them now).

I did, however, use the internet links that you mentioned, to watch for trending openings in cloud cover; and for picking a site along the central, maximum shadow's path.

Your project video was EXTREMELY helpful, and err, 'spot on' !    😉   Mac

Canon camera w/ 200mm lens:

Eclipse'24 Swope

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