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2020-11-07 8:08 am  

I presume Im preaching to the converted here but was astonished at what started out as an undergrad project mushroomed into and astonish flight simulator chair

and watch the vids and be gobsmacked, i was

how many Unos does it take ?

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2020-11-08 12:46 am  
Posted by: @robint

how many Unos does it take ?

Not many.

If you'd like to build something like this check out Paul McWhorter's 9-axis IMU series

In 26 video lectures he'll teach you everything you ever wanted to know about PID

Here's the introduction video: Lesson one

By the time you get to lesson 22 he'll have you building this:

Note that's he's only using one Arduino throughout this entire course.

If you are interested in learning PID I strongly recommend Paul's course on the 9-axis IMU.

26 videos, about 26 hours.  Can't beat that. 👍 


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2020-11-08 1:43 am  

Many thanx for the tip. I majored in control theory eons ago and could sure do with a refresher. We didnt have such things as self tuning PID algorithms (a control box<£12)

FWIW I am totally blown away by Boston dynamics and what they achieve with their robots. I could never have dreamt of such performance

Then again it amazes me what advanced topics some builders are attempting with the humble Uno.  Arduino have laid open a whole world of affordable projects that could never have been conceived 10 years ago.

Where will it go?

I can foresee in the next few years

Automated warehouse picking Ocado,online_chips:ocado&usg=AI4_-kQd2_oaMpNEOpm7vZjbBFqZH8_A3Q&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiG2Ibd3vHsAhXGThUIHSRRBe4QgIoDKAF6BAgWEAo&biw=1365&bih=505

Automated container terminal,online_chips:shanghai&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjEn4qU3_HsAhWD1-AKHXq8CGgQ4lYoBXoECAEQGw&biw=1356&bih=505

AI Interviewer

These have a bad press at the moment because they are underdeveloped. It wont be long before large labour employers eg Amazon will carry out basic interviews using such AI machines

Not much focus is directed towards the frailties of human interviewers and how stressful it is dealing with Joe Public all day long

Automatic Traffic Control

It is long overdue now that speed control of vehicles travelling on motorways on the grounds of greatly enhanced safety and maximising of road capacity

I could see whole streams of VIP coaches barreling along the fast lane of say the M1.  Each coach fitted with radar range finder for the coach in front and so on. The whole traffic stream monitored via wifi (5G)

All vehicles fitted with transponders and given instruction how to proceed - a hybrid version of self driving

and so on, just a few came to my mind

It just shows that control systems were once a nerdy backwater of Engineering but now it offers a very fruitful career for young graduates and technicians

How many future areas can you think of ;-}










Always look on the bright side of life