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Battery tester - all but big LiPO RC types

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This is the charger  I decided to get. It will charge, discharge, charge for storage and calculate capacity for all sizes other than the big RC LiPO packs. I have personally charged AAA, AA, 18650, and 26650. I am enclosing a screen shot of the batteries it does, the list is too long to type in.

Battery chemistries are in 3rd pic.

I prefer to use the phone app, it's simple. The instructions for the charger are too complex for me so that is why I use the phone app. I have not tried the PC app yet on either Windows or Mac.

Screenshot 2024 01 29 at 13.39.00
Screenshot 2024 01 29 at 13.39.46
Screenshot 2024 01 29 at 13.41.02


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