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Raspberry Pi Power and Fan

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I have a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ that I keep attached to my TV. I have the Aluminum case and fan that is below


I love the look of the case and the function of the setup but I have 2 problems.


Problem 1: Fan is at full speed all the time, even though it runs cool and is not needed all the time.

Problem 2: I have an inline click button power supply but I still need to turn it on and off when done.


What I would like to do is either find a black aluminum(or anything that would match) case that would sit under it and be about the same size. I might end up just 3D printing it in black PLA or ABS but I prefer the metal look it has. Inside I plan on putting an arduino (I have a few Nanos around). My plan is to bring the IO of the Pi to the box cleanly(I hope I can find a black ribbon cable but I might have to paint it since I've had no luck so far) and I will implement these things:


Relay for power of the Pi(I will need a way for the Arduino to know it is off, probably by powering a pin through a crontab script, when the Pi shuts off and the Arduino sees no power it can start a timer to cut the relay)

IR sensor so I can have an unused button on my TV remote trigger the relay on(Only on).

Hardware to enable the fan(I am not sure if I will use the system over temp to trigger or my own script. I am not sure if PWM will work on the fan, please let me know if you have any insight on this. I have a python script that reads the temp and I can make it apply to the pin based off a list)


Please let me know if you any suggestion you have or products that might exist that could help me. Or if any of you have done something like this or know of an article or video of someone doing this.

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You may found a solution up until now, but I put in what I have found anyway...

placa expansiune fan shim raspberry pi (1) 2907 609065

Pimoroni Fan SHIM use a part from the GPIO pins

This one I found it compatible with Raspberry Pi 4.


res be32685215f0f55c9431f878fd28eed6

DockerPi use all the GPIO pins, but acts like an extension shield.

This I found it's compatible with RaspberryPi 4B and RaspberryPi 3B+.



Waveshare use all GPIO pins, and acts like a shield as well.


KW 2719 1 1280x853h
KW 2719 4 766x511h

Or you can use a simple 5V fan with 3 pins, and control the speed from Raspberry itself. As I remeber you can change the fan speed from



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@madmisha I have the standard Pi4B fan, and AFAIK, it is temp-controlled. I also have the standard shutdown hardware and software somewhere; I just never got around to installing it yet, as the inline switch is good enough for me.  

Here is the github code for implementing an ATX style on/off switch. If I remember correctly, user software can also control it, but I don't recall where I saw that. LINK

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I don't know if you bought a case, but I picked this one up. Its fan speed is controlled by the Pi, and the fan is off for most of the time with my use case. It's a bit expensive, but it has decent build quality and room for an SSD.

Pi 4B Case

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