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Hello everyone!


My name is François and I am 40yo. Joining the dronebotworkshop forum after watching Bill's youtube channel for a year. I live not to far from Bill actually, being on the Montreal south shore. 

I started Arduino in November 2022 after visiting a private high school for my daughter. They had some arduino experiments on display and my son, then 9 year old has interested (so was I...). I both a small all in one kit, then some 30 in 1 sensors, then a bigger kit and now I have a huge rubbermade box full of components!

I still do some basic experiments with the kids but I also learn more advance concept on my own. 

As a car enthusiast, I use to take part of various forums but now it's mostly facebook group. I find the FB groups messy and answers are often botched. Hopefully this forum is active. 

Finally, on the professional side, I am a mechanical engineer. So sciency incline yes, but I lacks programming experiences. 


Thanks for having me and happy making everyone!

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Welcome aboard the forum.

I'm sure you'll find it a great resource, place to explore and contribute.

Ron B

(Stafford, UK)

Ron Bentley
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