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Hi my name is Pete

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Hi everyone

I am a retired 67 year old. I worked as an electronics technician and later as a software test analyst.

I have loved electronics since I was a boy, and I've enjoyed embedded design since the early 1990's - in those days using 8051 and PIC micro-controllers, first in assembler, later in C.

I've used Arduino boards for home-made flight simulator controls (I once held a private pilot licence and now enjoy flight simulation). I am just getting into ESP8266 and IOT.

I bought a 3D printer a while back and I've spent some time learning 3D CAD (I started on OpenSCAD because scripted CAD seemed more natural to me, but I now use OnShape). I think the printer has paid for itself in brackets alone, and now my wife is asking me to print templates for sewing and quilting!

Well, I hope I can help others here, as well as learn a lot, and most of all have fun.

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@picman Welcome to the forum Pete. Sounds like quite a background, I am sure you will be a valuable addition to the community.

First computer 1959. Retired from my own computer company 2004.
Hardware - Expert in 1401, and 360, fairly knowledge in PC plus numerous MPU's and MCU's
Major Languages - Machine language, 360 Macro Assembler, Intel Assembler, PL/I and PL1, Pascal, Basic, C plus numerous job control and scripting languages.
Sure you can learn to be a programmer, it will take the same amount of time for me to learn to be a Doctor.

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@picman, Welcome to the forum...Retired industrial Instrumentation/Electrical tech here..

You will find many on here that have a variety of skill sets and knowledge, so you should feel right at home...looking forward to seeing what projects you come up with..




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Another 60+ joining the forums to keep up with the latest.

Welcome to the forums.