Hi everyone  


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2019-09-09 12:13 pm  

My name is Alain and I am retired. I am learning Arduino and miscellianous electronic topics. I am French.

Hope to share experiencies in this forum and to learn a lot from you.



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2019-09-09 12:18 pm  

Hi Alain,

Welcome to the forum, I am in the same situation "just retired", you will find this forum quite informative and entertaining, a few of these guys have got real sense of humour. So, have fun!

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2019-09-09 12:54 pm  

@acesar55 & @pugwash

Hello Alain,

Glad to meet you and welcome aboard.  Besides a sense of humor (American English spelling !) we even have at least one poet in our midst.  Shouldn't be too long before we see a poem pop up! 😀 

And if you are wondering about the user names with the preceding @ symbol, that's what fired off the email to you about the reply in this thread.  It can really be handy since if it isn't used and you respond to a previous post then the other individual might not stumble across your reply for some time.

Again, welcome and join in on all the fun.


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2019-09-20 8:25 am  

Hey welcome aboard. 


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