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Hi Everyone On this Form I am Glad to be here. I hope everyone is well and staying Safe.  

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Hi Everyone, my name is Don Z. I am an electrical engineer whom has retired and I have been enjoying Arduinos now for 11 Years, before that it was PIC Micro like PIC16F88 and others like it. Then, I move to PICAXE which used basic, the best has been Arduino. I have am joining this forum to hopefully get some help with a project I have been working on and other forums are rather not nice when you ask for help on a project. I work with grade school kids on First Lego Robotics and with the older kids I like to teach them what they have hopefully learned in the First Lego Robotics. I work with some on making PCBs and Design Circuits with mostly their input, hopefully get them to understand the basics of electronics. I was hoping maybe someone here has figured it out and its working great and that is what my next topics is. 

After that long intro, I have been working with some of my Students on making a bunch of 8x8 Bi Color Led Matric which are common anode work with chips like the HC595, or TPIC6B595, or the HT16K33 LED driver which we have been trying to configure. Has anyone done this before if so would you be willing to provide a schematic on how it was done. Much appreciated

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