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My name is Tod and I'm a Physician Assistant.  I tend to get into all sorts of hobbies including electronics and microcontrollers.  Programming has always been a stumbling block, but I discovered the DroneBotworkshop tutorials so I am making a dedicated effort to learn. 

I did make a bluetooth stethoscope recently using a kcx_bt_emmiter integrated with a microphone module.  The PA's where I work were pulled into the ICU to take care of covid patients and I couldn't use a standard stethoscope because of the PPE getting in the way.  I couldn't hear anything either because of the air rushing past my ears coming from the blower in the PAPR.  There is a commercial stethoscope amplifier available, but it costs $200 which I wasn't ready to pay.    Necessity is the mother of invention, so I made my own BT stethoscope.  There was no programing involved and the circuitry is simple, but it took a lot of work to package it and get it to work reliably (all of the electronics are housed inside a specimen cup lol).  It's not as good as the commercial version as it picks up outside noise and some RF noise from the crystal oscillator on the BT emmiter, but it works really well.  I did do some shielding with tin foil which helped.  Using it was really cool because I could just place it on a patient and listen without touching it.  When I was done I would wipe it down with antisceptic and leave it running until I was out of the unit.  Then I would unscrew the lid and turn if off without risk of contamination.   Things have slowed down a bit so I am back to my normal duties, but I would like to continue using it when we start to seeing clinic patients again. 

I recently followed the I2C tutorial to get an Arduino uno and an Arduino nano to communicate.  I used Platformio but I got errors in the slave code about functions not being declared properly and the "x" variable in one of the functions not being defined.  I tried using void statements in setup for the functions and got it to compile, but in doing so I think it may have skipped part of the Wire library as the slave would report back gibberish for "Hello".  Anyway, used the unaltered code in the Arduino IDE and it worked perfectly.  Instead of copying and pasting, I typed the demos out in Platformio so I could see how the predictive text worked and it taught me quite a bit.  

I hope that you all have a wonderful week.



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