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Hi everyone, my name is Matt

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Hi everyone,

My name is Matt, but I usually go by MathPi in the online world. I'm located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am a power system engineer by trade. I've worked mostly on simulation and model design for some of the world's largest wind turbines (14+MW per turbine, mostly offshore).

However, my true passion lies in electronics, which I have been tinkering with since my teenage years. I have a small electronics business in which I design electronics. Just last year my business stepped up and became an official vendor on Digikey. Woo hoo! I have many ideas for projects, mostly around IoT, home automation, etc. I've designed and implemented several small scale IoT devices to control and monitor various things such as my greenhouse (for which I won a competition with Blynk IoT), LEDs, garage doors, etc.

I've joined this forum just recently as I hope to connect with equally passionate but much more knowledge people than myself. Like many of you I've watched many of Bill's videos, which have inspired many.

Currently I am working on a project that uses the RPi Pico W. I'm a big fan of Blynk IoT (I'm not affiliated with them). Unfortunately the Pico W is not supported by their Edgent library. I'm in talks with the Blynk IoT developers to update their Edgent library to have the Pico W supported. Hopefully, this will materialize soon so that I can take the next step in this project.

Besides electronics I have a passion for gardening and producing food. I have a large veggie/fruit garden and a couple greenhouses that I've built. This blends well with my electronics as my main focus is modernizing greenhouses (via WSN, IoT, automation, etc).



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@mathpi Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you might be more of a teacher than a student. We also have an IoT cloud on the Arduino plus esp8266 and esp32.

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@mathpi, Welcome to the forum Matt!

Sounds like you have a lot to offer in the way of practical experience in the art of electronics.

Looking forward to seeing your ideas and project development on the forum...




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