Hello everybody - greetings from Milano  


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2019-10-09 11:13 am  

I'm just entering the exciting world of Arduino. I was browsing and looking for tutorials and info on the net and found dronebotworkshop the most interesting, complete and clear site. 

The videos I've seen were exhaustive and very clear, mainly for people like me for who English isn't our first language. 

Thank you in advance for sharing all these knowledge.

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2019-10-09 11:36 am  

Welcome @sunset , i took the same path several weeks ago 😀 


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2019-10-09 11:43 am  


Welcome aboard!  And hello to you in Milano, Italy from Stone Mountain, GA USA.

I think you are going to enjoy this forum and the folks that hang out here.  A great group of folks, everyone of them.  Our benefactor, Bill, has been busy with summer time activities, but as soon as the weather turns a little colder up in Canada he should be back with a lot more videos and articles.  Until then, enjoy the material already on his YouTube channel and his articles.  And if you have questions do not hesitate to ask.


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2019-10-09 3:54 pm  

I suggest you also watch a you tube channel called Paul McWhorter he has excellent tutorials to but the dronBot workshop is also a excellent channel to learn on. well learn from a lot of people is my advice.


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