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Faramir signing on

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Hello evrybody,

After viewing some video's on the Dronebot Workshop Youtube channel I alied for access to this forum. It's to my great pleasure that I was accepted and here I'll introduce myself. Handle is Faramir, after Gandalf's loyal student from the books of Tolkien.
My name is John Klaassen, I'm 54 years old and a former ICT connectivity engineer, living in the Netherlands.

After my retirement I enjoy my hobby's, aircraft, computers, radio and electronics.
Aircraft, computers and radio find their mix in my virtual radar with it's database (which I often query via Python scripts) and ATC monitoring.

I only had a couple of month's training on electronics so most concepts are new to me.
But while exploring so many concepts and trying to understand how things work I have that 'boy in a candyshop' feeling. That's what drives me, the joy of discovery. It's a really steap learning curve but a great fun nevertheless.
This 'Arduino thing' got more and more focus of attention so one day, a year and a half ago, I bought my first Arduino Uno. Then came other Arduino's, breadboards, resistors, LED's and even some capacitors. The more I read the more confused I got.
Still went on collecting sensors, mostly from the company Velleman from Belgium. Some have example's that I could use to get a working setup. Other sensor boards had no much documentation and that drove me to Youtube again.

That's how I found the Dronebot Workshop. What a great channel, the way these video's are put together works so good for me! From the background, the theory to the overview of applications, to the wiring and the control through the Arduino sketch.
I got hooked and my collection of components grew steadily.

With my very limited knowledge I hope to find some great subjects on this forum and if I actually can help, I will do so. I'll read more than I post but please have some patience with me asking basic questions. I'll lookup information before I ask direct help. Answers on what to read or where to search often bring the most but sometimes a direct solution may be needed. My interests with the Arduino are with several sensors, to the servo's motors and steppers. In the future maybe camera's will join the list.

So that's about me. I'm grateful to Bill for accepting me into this community an I feel welcome at the workshop!

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