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Water Pump & Stepper Motor Project

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Hello Everyone,


I have a custom project that I am working on and would greatly appreciate any feedback on the best possible path. My goal is to use either the Auduino microcontroller or the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. This is not a CNC type application. Listed below are the requirements:

I have a 12VDC (lithium poly battery) power supply and need to power two separate devices.

The first device is as follows:
• 23HS45-4204S Stepper motor with Digital Stepping Driver DM542T. The data states that the DM542T works best at 24VDC. Preliminary testing proves this to be true. The stepper motor is bipolar and is 4.2 amps.
• I would like to program limits into how many revolutions the stepper motor turns in both a forward & reverse direction. This would be controlled with a two position or momentary switch.

The second device is as follows:
• 12VDC water pump with a 30 amp max draw. This has variable speed and would be tested at all speeds. This would be controlled by the pump controller.

Thanks in advance!!!