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@robotbuilder Indeed, Self-reliance is a part of our built in genetic makeup..As we all stand on the shoulders of those that came before us, I recognize that we all have limitations, and our wants and needs vary because of how the individual brain works ( or does work) as the case may be... but that is the philosophical question of the do we know what we think we know is correct? As history has shown us, mankind has tried using logic and reason to explain everything from the origins of the universe, to the origins of the species( that is mankind), and has been wrong on so many levels..the earth was at one time believed to be flat.. but of course now we think differently. I do believe helping others to help them selves is part of our inbred survival technique, and yes, teaching others to "fish" is a part of that..As I used to tell my colleagues at the mill, You can only furnish the material, it's up to the student to learn and apply it.  

Your interest in AI is a valid way of showing how logic and reason can accomplish many task.. but "cognitive thinking" as what humans and animals do is very different from "Fuzzy logic" and neural networks. 

Maybe someday someone will figure out just how the brain does it..And who knows, I may even be alive to see it!


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