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RP2040 question on coding for wifi & what will appear on screen- html, CSS, javascript

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I got the nano rp2040 connect to work on my win10 machine, but am having driver issues on the win7 32bit machine. Guess I'll have to accept progress and move to win 10.


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Yeah, if you want to use Windows 7 look at this.

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Hi @chucketn,

  You are probably already aware of the following ,in which case, I apologise for troubling you. But just in case:

  Win 7 is not 'supported' by Microsoft, and hasn't been for a while. If it is on a 'standalone' machine, which never connects to the Internet, then this only means it gets more 'out of touch' with everyone else, with the obvious frustrations, but maybe nothing serious.

However, if it connects to the Internet, say via your 'home network' router, then it means it will be vulnerable to various hack exploits ... and those exploits could be used to break into your router and other PCs, maybe finding out your banking details or whatever. That can be very serious!!

If your Win 7 machine is connected from the Internet via your 'home' router, then I strongly recommend you disconnect it, and keep it that way.

(It might be possible to upgrade it to Win 10, but I suspect it will be too slow and short of RAM to play nicely. Alternately, try out a distribution of Linux?)

Best wishes and take care.

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