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[Solved] ATtiny85

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Hi there. Does anyone know if it’s possible to send and receive serial to a ATtiny85 and if so which pins to use? I have got a industrial unit which has eight roller doors and would like to make a system to display which are open and which are closed. I was thinking I could have a switch and a ATtiny85 on each door and create a kind of perimeter daisy chain arrangement so I don’t have to wire each one back to where the display will be, I can just have one three core cable. Then have a arduino for the display. Or if anyone has any other ideas. I’m relatively new to arduino I can get by with some research.

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@stiny77 Most of us here use Google to find what is called a datasheet. That usualy answers these sort of questions. In this case I found a very interesting and different one from Sparkfun a well known seller of electronics parts. I have enclosed it for your use as well as a datasheet that gives me pause. The 1 pager tells me yes it can do serial, but that is a strange approach.

If I understand your query, you need 1 central ATtiny (but I think there are better boards) and display with 8 microswitches wired back to either 8 pins (but not on the ATtiny, more like an esp32) or a multiplexor. Code is trivial, if switch closed display message, repeat 8 times.

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The ATtiny85 does not have a hardware uart. I have had to implement a software serial port when I used it on one of my projects. 



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