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Motioneye os Pi zerow  

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I have no idea if this the correct place to post this. If it is not Admin please delete. First many thanks to Dronebot. With him I would never gotten the app installed. My problem:

I come from many decades Windows use. I know just enough linux to be dangerous. After successful install, I found myself looking at setup menu that I had no what it meant.

I can't find a users guide, nor is there a help menu. I want to know more and use the app, but don't know where to look. Is there a source of info for very green users?

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Hi if need more information on raspi w go the web site ,

Go learn or project page if search around on this page it's got lots of information

Raspi pi pico . Book for ten pounds or download for free at

If you download motioneye burn the image file to sd card to get it go on wifi you edit the config file.. but just buy ethernet adapter and plug it into router and log in to motioneye admin is the username 

No password leve blank 

You can turn on  the wifi and setup a static IP address  inside motioneye 

See YouTube videos how edit it.

Hope this has been helpful. Good luck 

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Posted by: @videogame95

Raspi pi pico . Book for ten pounds or download for free at

Actually, that is a link for the Pi Pico. I believe that @winston65 was referring to the Pi Zero. Plus, I have no idea how you'd run MotionEyeOS on a Pico, as it has no camera interface.

I did a video several years ago on using MotionEyeOS, the build has changed now but the principles are the same - you just get the image, burn it to a MicroSD and follow instructions to configure it.

The MotionEyeOs Wiki is the place to go for setup information.  You might also want to check out the section devoted to the Pi Zero and Model A, as both those machines have limited resources there are a few instructions for solving common glitches.



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I'm in the process of trying to set up CCTV in my house using Pi Zeros for remote cameras, and a Pi 4 for the hub. I need a mixture of Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections to do this, due to all the thick stone walls in my house. I haven't got all the answers yet, but will hopefully know more soon.

So far I've just got a Pi Zero with Ethernet on a USB hub working, and it's very slow. I've got an ENC28J60 Ethernet board to try, that uses SPI, so I'm hoping it might be faster. I don't have Wi-Fi in my work room, apart from using a computer as an access point, so building and setting up Wi-Fi cameras is more complicated than it should be.

Then I want to try adding some ESP32-CAMs, but I'm not sure if the motion detection will work with them.

I bought some of these dummy cameras ( ). There is plenty of room inside for a Pi Zero and camera. With a bit of alteration it will take a Pi camera with IR lamps attached, but I haven't performed the necessary surgery yet! Again it's untested, so I hope it will work.

My main concern is providing power for the cameras. I don't want to have to keep changing and charging a lot of batteries. This is a useful video on running a Pi on batteries -