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433 Mhz cap recommended in 'Using Inexpensive 433 MHz RF Modules with Arduino' 4 yrs ago

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@zander  My recount of events was no doubt vague. I can't recall if i always had the cap in place when i had these problems, but i think ruling things out systematically is a good idea. the cap is now out of the board.

ok. I will make sure the serial monitor is terminated before reloading or changing code. As far as the screenshot goes, that will have to await the unhappy event. But when it happens again, I will post it.


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@pratto20 A couple things to try.

1. Make sure you put this statement just before the Serial.begin(xxxxx);

while (!Serial) {}

2. If you have a problem with the upload, click the serial monitor button and KILL X the monitor. 

I have times when the upload will not work 2, 3, 4 times in a row, then it suddenly works. Just be patient and make sure the monitor is dealt with and it will usually work.


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