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Using Google Sheetz as Database

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I was doing some reading on how to export data to Google sheets from an ESP32 and thought the whole process would make a cool video. My exact application is I have been wanting to add dht22 sensors to my dehydrator and then monitor and plot changes over time to hone in on ideal run time. I also thought I could send data from my ESP32 to a google sheet to make this happen and found some articles on it that might make for good content. Also though I don't know how to yet maybe the sheet could react to data and find a way to send reaction commands back to esp32. Again might make good content.

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Good evening Gentle Persons:

I have a specific interest in sensors of all types especially Enviromental. I know the internet is replete with subject, project, problems and solution for like minded people. My I suggest we CITE on this very forum  any articles, videos etc we may read or watch. I think that would be very helpful, I know some members do so and that greatly appreciated.